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Rosen2RC 76

It's a great deck where two interesting mechanics are mixed together, one for Rossiel playing with the victory display and the other for side quest. It's not that these two mechanics come together in this deck and create greater synergy, but it shows that you can play two different types of game strategies in a single deck and being very efficient.

The strategy is:

  • Send all possible side quest to the victory display as soon as possible so that Thurindir get more strength to go on mission. This will also benefit: 1 Glorfindel who will be attached to Legacy Blade (two if possible) and hit very hard in attack, and 2 Thalion who will become Hero and untap in each phase of the game. The first secondary quest that I usually play thanks to Thurindir is Rally the West to have a lot of potential in the quest. If I already have it, I look for Gather Information if I don't have Light of Valinor for Glorfindel or another side quest.

Get rid of the worst cards from enemies or places with Out of the Wild, or Scout Ahead, and make Rossiel a great defender. In addition Protector of Lórien will help against big hits.

If the adventure calls for going to the quest, then try to drop location cards to the staging area, so Rossiel can help with the quest. If it requires defense against an enemy, look for their traits in the encounter deck and send them to the victory display.