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BlackArrow 39

This deck made the impossible possible: It beat Passage Through Mirkwood solo IN ONE ROUND, with a score of 44. This was no fluke, because this deck was deigned to do exactly that.

First things first: Cross stage 1B in one round. This means you will need at least 11 willpower from the beginning, since you start with a forest spider and an old forest road, which is 3 . You will need to count on needing more than 11 because you might reveal an enemy or location. Éowyn and Treebeard can quest for 10 right out of the bat, but that's not enough. Protector of Lórien is really the only card that you can buy on round 1 that will get you enough . So definitely mulligan for that.

Next, you need to kill that forest spider with Legolas, so that he can put 2 progress on stage 2B with his response. To do this, you will need either Hands Upon the Bow or Quick Strike. Legolas will also need some boosts since he needs 5 to snipe the forest spider. Luckily, this deck is crammed with weapons, and Forth, The Three Hunters! allows for their cost to be reduced, which is good, because you only have one round to buy them. ;) Once the forest spider is dead, you will advance to stage 3

Here's the hard part: You can only win if you get "Don't Leave the Path", because obviously, Beorn's Path will require another round of questing. However, with "Don't Leave the Path", you can one-shot Ungoliant's Spawn with Éowyn's nuclear ability. She is 1 short however, so you will need another weapon or something like Blade Mastery. Then Ungoliant's Spawn is dead, and victory is yours! Of course, Ungoliant's Spawn will have to attack you, and unless you have a Feint in your hand that you can pay for, Treebeard will have to die, sadly. :( That's one reason my score was 44 instead of 31 lol.

So yes, there are a lot of conditions needed to win in one round (it took me 6 mulligans to get a perfect hand, so 3 game attempts. Your ideal starting hand looks like this:

-Protector of Lórien -Hands Upon the Bow/Quick Strike -At least one weapon/ boosting event -Possibly Feint so Treebeard can stay alive.

And also, The One Ring will help you get Strength and Courage if you didn't draw = two weapons in your hand. Put it on either Legolas or Éowyn, and you should be good.

So yeah, that's it! I had this idea a while back, while playing with Legolas, but wasn't sure how to fully implement it. But now I have, and this deck can absolutely trailblaze Passage Through Mirkwood (which granted, is the easiest quest in the game, but still).

Comments and/or suggestions appreciated!!! Give it a like if you please!


Jun 24, 2022 LEGOlas 74

Nice deck, I have been wanting to do this for a while. My ideas were the same except using Ravens of the Mountain and doomed cards instead of Treebeard (since I don't own him).

Jun 24, 2022 BlackArrow 39

Huh I never thought about using Ravens of the Mountain. I guess the only problem is that that's a little more random than using Legolas (because you could discard a treachery) but it still works