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The Ring Goes South - 2 Players - 2022-09-20
Journey in the Dark - 2 Players - 2022-09-27
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velcrohead85 139

It's a standard Gandalf deck for running the Saga. I'd meant to only have cards in up to the end of The Road Darkens but I accidentally put Quickbeam in as well. Alas.

Elrond gets Vilya, Glorfindel gets Light of Valinor and I'm tending to put the first Unexpected Courage on Big G because with the Saga stuff happening, he's now got Tireless Ranger to boost his defence. When Shadowfax becomes available, he'll be getting that as well.

Arwen Undómiel boosts Big G's defence even further and gives him Sentinel. Flame of Anor is in there because it's obviously heresy to not have it. The Ultimate Combo is Flame of Beorn - using Wizard Pipe to stick Beorn on top of the deck for a Flame of Anor attack that hits for 9.

Cards for the opening hand: Light of Valinor to get two uses out of Glorfindel; Gandalf's Staff to get the resource/draw/shadow-cancel option; Vilya because Elrond exists; Wizard Pipe to get the switching situation up and running.