A&A: for solo plays (Revised Core + Angmar Awakened)

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This deck is made for anyone who just starts the journey with LOTR LCG and owns the Revised Core and Angmar Awakened box. It can either be played solo or in a two-player game as a companion deck to my previously published deck: DUNEDAIN - it respects the constraints of the cardpool of one Revised Core and Angmar Awakened so you can give it to your friend and start playing ;). There's no conflict between any of the unique cards used. It's not the strongest deck ever, but I wanted to create something that would complement my previous build.


This deck is strong at questing and encounter card effects cancelation, but it might surprise you with some combat capabilities as well!

A few tips and tricks for you:

  • Galdor of the Havens and Gléowine can be played only via Stand and Fight, but they will offer you much needed card draw options. If you draw them early, just use them as "ammo" for either Arwen Undómiel or Éowyn, they will never be wasted. Galdor of the Havens has a perfect synergy with both of your ladies' abilities so I decided to include him in the deck, even if he's a little tricky to put into play.

  • Silver Harp combined with Arwen's ability basically gives you a free resource, as long as you have a card to discard. I'm still on the fence about this card as it's pretty expensive to play, but it will help you in the long run.

  • Mulligan for Elven-light if you can, you have numerous options of discarding it and then using it for massive consistent card draw.

  • Elven Jeweler can be put into play by discarding two cards and remember - you can do it in ANY action window, not only during a planning phase! It can save your life as a defender when some least expected attack happens.

  • use Arwen Undómiel's ability to give resources either to Aragorn or herself, as needed.

And here are some tips for the use of Tale of Tinúviel:

  • you don't have to exhaust a hero to trigger it, allies can do it as well! You can e.g. put into play Elven Jeweler in the combat phase and play the Tale to ready Aragorn.
  • it can combo PERFECTLY with the Quick Strike and Unexpected Courage, but you need some setup for it. Imagine this scenario:
    1. You have Aragorn with Unexpected Courage ready in the combat phase. Arwen Undómiel is also ready.
    2. You exhaust Aragorn to defend against Ungoliant's Spawn 5 attack.
    3. In the action window you play Tale of Tinúviel to exhaust Arwen Undómiel, ready Aragorn and boost his , and by +3 until the end of phase. You defend for 5 and take no damage.
    4. You then swing for 6 and deal 5 damage to the spider (remember, she has her reduced from Aragorn's ability).
    5. Then, you ready him again by using Unexpected Courage.
    6. And finally, you play Quick Strike to declare a second attack against her and deal 5 damage to her again, killing her single-handedly. This is all legal, you can declare another attack against the same enemy with Quick Strike as per of 1.11 the official FFG LOTR FAQ (page 5).

You can also use Tale of Tinúviel to ready the Dunedain characters from the companion deck! Feel free to experiment.


The sideboard contains some additional support cards for combat and threat reduction (that can be used to aid both decks). Add another Horn of Gondor if you feel you need more resource generation.

Have fun!