Dunedain Super-Questers

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frobp 110

Start with Estel on Aragorn and mulligan hard for Elven-light. Now for the rest of the game you can

1) Exhaust Estel and discard Elven-light to fish for a card in your top 3 (top 4-5 later in the game) 2) Pay a resource to draw back Elven-light and another card. 3) Ready Estel (unless it's later in the game and you have Elessar and a beefy defender) 4) Repeat (1)-(2)

So for two spirit resources you've drawn four cards, where two of those cards are ones you get to pick from the top 3-5 cards of your deck. It's so easy to find combo pieces this way.

The rest of the deck:

Gilraen should give +2 to both Aragorn and Halbarad. Once Aragorn has Light of Valinor and you're engaged with an enemy, you can quest for 8 without exhausting. Andúril only makes this better.

Gilraen gets both Gift of Foresight and Ancestral Armor; then she can defend one big attack per round with some shadow control. Bree-land Protector can help with this.

The other two copies of Ancestral Armor can go on Guardian of Arnor who should also have boosted attack from the enemies you're engaged with. These guys are great targets for Elessar's ready or defense boost, depending on what you need. Once you have one set up, you should plan to use Aragorn to ready Elessar every round.

It's very fun to be able to safely keep 4-5 enemies engaged without any traps. Feels like pure Dunedain.


Oct 21, 2022 NERD 646

With all the questing and card draw, I doubt that Sarn Ford Sentries are worth Ring of Barahir. I would add Heirs of Earendil and Elrond's Counsel instead. Legacy of Númenor and then Favor of the Valar would be strong and thematic as well, symbolizing the Dunedain splitting from the ways of the unfaithful.

Oct 21, 2022 frobp 110

All great points. I think I'm just still in the mindset of Sarn Ford Sentry being an essential part of every Dunedain deck I've built previously, that I didn't even consider dropping it.