Elven Healing

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CardAddict 29

In our own house rules we have banned Vilya because it is over-powered and destabalising to the game. So in this deck I wanted to build around Elrond without using Vilya, focusing instead on his healing ability. Most of the allies in the deck contribute healing which is boosted by the ability on Elrond. The attachments are also primarily oriented around healing and defence. I've gone for Glorfindel as a supporting hero even though he is quite weak, since his healing ability has synergy with Elrond and he is payable with this augmentation of his ability. Mirlonde rounds out the heroes to minimise threat cost while adhering to the elvish theme.

This deck focuses primarily on questing and defence with lots of healing, so it would combine well with a deck that has one or more ranged attackers. It is quite good at absorbing attacks since it can remove shadow cards with A Burning Brand and it can usually heal any damage taken from the remainder of the attack. Killing enemy characters is a bit harder, but it is achieveable with multiple attackers.

Thematically, the deck is built primarily around the elves, with only a slight representation of men. Elrond has his three children (Arwen, Elrohir, Elladan) present in the deck, making it a bit of a family affair. The deck is reasonably fun to play, though it can be nerve-racking defending in the early game.


Nov 24, 2022 NERD 721

Consider Gather Information to synergize with The Long Defeat and cutting Silvan Tracker. Swapping Lindon Navigator for Warden of Healing would make the deck more thematic. Also, Elven-light and Galdor of the Havens would increase the effectiveness of Song of Healing and Imladris Caregiver.