Arwen kissed a girl, and she liked it...aka the Deck you wan

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Murder at the Prancing Pony - 4 Players - 2021-04-26
Intruders in Chetwood - 4 Players - 2021-05-03
The Weather Hills - 4 Players - 2021-05-10
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Skeffington 156

Skeffington has a newer deck inspired by this one: Arwen kissed a girl, and she liked it...aka your GFs Deck


What IF the Tale of Tinúviel told a different love story? What if there would have been more than synergy between Arwen Undómiel and Idraen? Find out in this deck guide :)

How it works

One quarter stone of this deck is Tale of Tinúviel, which you wanna recycle with Galadhrim Weaver as often as possible. You always boost Idraen with Arwens 3 willpower.

The second quarter stone is Arwen Undómiel herself. You almost always wanna throw that card away for an extra resource. Silver Harp with Glorfindel, Elven-light and Light of Valinor are no-brainers.

The third quarter stone is Idraen. You wanna pile up all excess resources on her and pay with resources from Arwen Undómiel and Lanwyn most of the time to boost her defense with Blood of Númenor. Also you wanna give her all Unexpected Courage so she can defend/attack multiple times each round, especially when she is boosted by Tale of Tinúviel. Only quest with her, if you can make sure a location is explored, in this deck that is always the case if a location is in play :P

The fourth quarter stone is Scouting Party and Lanwyn, which also works as an 3 strength attacker. We almost have only scout allies here, so you can easily quest without other characters and save arwen for Tale of Tinúviel :)

Alternatively you could change out Lanwyn, Scouting Party and some scout allies for Caldara, Prince Imrahil and some of the stronger allies to make this a caldara deck. But there are plenty of those out there already ;)

Starting Hand

Cards you would like to see in your starting hand are:


Silver Harp

Unexpected Courage

Tale of Tinúviel

None of these are a must, though...


We have a very powerful questing deck here, which kills locations faster than they appear. Also there are plenty of readying effects, which makes this deck less prone to enemies than most. With Tale of Tinúviel we can easily defend with Idraen for 5 and attack for up to 9 together with Lanwyn, not counting allies. Yes, we are talking about the spirit sphere, not tactics :D Very fun to play, if you are a fan of spirit anyway - try it out :)