Dúnedain & Rivendell

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darkerpab 14


I am a fairly new player and I own all the revised content released to date. I play a bit alone to test my decks and then mainly multiplayer (2 or 3 players) with different relatives who are not card games experts and don't own the game themselves. When we play, this is more about having a good time together rather than being competitive and deep dive into heavy mechanics.

With all of that in mind, I create my decks based on the following ideas:

  • As little variety as possible with 3 copies for each card (2 copies for the 17h one).
  • Cards without too many mechanics (especially outside of the regular rules) to keep in mind.
  • A strong theme at the same time for the player to enjoy the story and role play aspect of his deck.

And so here is my first published deck: "Dúnedain & Rivendell".

Main characteristics:

  • Dúnedain little troop with commander Amarthiúl and several Dúnedain rangers/scouts.
  • Support from Rivendell friendly leaders nearby (Arwen brings additional money, Elrond helps with recruitment and healing).
  • Gandalf is also present, always happy to hang around with Elrond and to support Aragorn (who is not directly present himself) and his fellow Dúnedain (so one day, "The Return of the King" will be possible).
  • Allies oriented deck covering equally questing and combat: increase the size of your Dúnedain little troop progressively.
  • Remember, this is not a regular army of Gondor or Rohan able to fight pitched battles: you will have to use Dúnedain/rangers tricks throughout your journey.
  • Those tricks include: Ranger of Cardolan, Descendants of Kings, Feint, Sneak Attack (1 resource cost each only).
  • And finally, don't forget to allow yourself to breathe and to recover (Forest Snare, The Long Defeat) or your little troop might end up being annihilated.

Additional comments:

  • This is not a typical multiplayer Dúnedain deck engaging all enemies on the table (no Halbarad or Son of Arnor for example).
  • You still want to engage as many as you can each round to fuel the power of your deck, but other players will have to face some combat as well (no pure support/questing deck for them).
  • Card draw relies on Sneak Attack + Gandalf/Sarn Ford Sentry, buying them directly, Elven-light, The Long Defeat (if no healing is required).
  • Threat management relies on Sneak Attack + Gandalf, Elrond's Counsel.
  • Healing relies on The Long Defeat (+ Elrond capacity).
  • Elven Spear is here as a buffer for your other attachments when one needs to be discarded, to accelerate Elven-light discard, or to allow Elrond to reach a 5 attack value (whatever is needed).
  • Arwen additional resource goes to Elrond 99% of the time (who can buy all types of Dúnedain allies and Forest Snare traps). The only time where Arwen would give it to herself, would be if she needs more resources to draw through buying Elven-light cards or to keep at least one resource throughout the round to potentially play A Test of Will.

I built and played many Dúnedain decks throughout the last months. This one is not necessarily the most powerful one but it is my favorite for being simple and balanced enough with a strong theme. Feel free to try it and let me know what you think! Just keep in mind to warn the other players in your fellowships that they will need to bring some swords, bows and axes as combat will take place all over the table :P


Jan 23, 2023 NERD 574

I would cut Elven Spear. Neither of your elven heroes are good attackers and you can only play the spear while engaged with an enemy. I would replace it with Lembas or Elven Jeweler.

Jan 24, 2023 darkerpab 14

Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Elven Spear was a last minute addition and proved to be indeed only very very situational. I like the idea of Lembas cause this deck has no readying capacity for non-Dúnedain characters and it's a shame not to use Elrond more than once per round. So for sure those two attachments could be swapped for a stronger deck.

The Elven Jeweler would be a geat addition as well, to potentially accelerate Elven-light discard, and to provide a cheap ally shielding your more expensive and powerful Dúnedain allies when a character needs to be sacrificed. Purely on a theme point of view though, I struggle to see this "civilian" in the middle of a rangers/scouts little troop :D