The Gondorian Resource Pile - yep it's a HUUUUUGE pile!

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Skeffington 156


This deck focuses on the gondorian resource machinery and tries to be as thematically as possible. The basic idea is to accelerate as many resources as possible and use them with cards like Blood of Númenor + The Day's Rising, for some neat combos.


Denethor is your only Leadership heroe, but most of this deck is Leadership so he will be our Steward of Gondor with his Rod of the Steward and Visionary Leadership. You can also use any excess Gondorian Shield on him to build up a secondary defender.

Beregond is your primary defender with Gondorian Shield, Armored Destrier for readying, Blood of Númenor and finally The Day's Rising for resources, which makes the Blood of Númenor essentially free to use each round if you do not take damage. You can try to freeze your threat by keeping a weak enemy alive, so Beregond can trigger each round.

Boromir gets Horn of Gondor for resources on ally deaths, the Sword of Númenor for more resources on killing big guys and of course Gondorian Fire. Also you should shift all excess resources from Denethor to him, for an additional attack boost.

Most allies are adding more resources to your pools - use them on demand but mostly on Boromir and Denethor. Other than that most of them are there for questing with Faramir and Visionary Leadership. Try not to chump block too much.

Events are mostly there for more resources and some additional defense actions to get the most out of Beregond.


With this deck you always want to fight the toughest enemies on the table. You can normally still defend them with Beregond without taking damage and kill them with Boromir after both providing you with additional resources from their attachments.

Combined the cards Steward of Gondor, The Day's Rising, Horn of Gondor, Sword of Númenor, Tighten Our Belts and Wealth of Gondor can easily generate 8-10 resources each round. With Blood of Númenor and Gondorian Fire you can put them to good use and easily defend for 10+ with Beregond and attack with 10+ with Boromir, both multiple times each round.

What our thoughts on this deck? Let me know your tweaks in the comments :)