The Three Amigos

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Alil 2

Here it is, my #2 go-to deck for playing solo. As you can see, there is a heavy focus on attachments and building up the heroes as much as possible. Even the majority of the events serve this end.

Up front, it is a pretty straightforward and simple deck easy for any player with a small collection, but if you pay special attention, it can become unstoppable.

The primary goal to make Aragorn in charge of questing, and equipping him with Celebrían's Stone and multiple Protector of Lórien helps him to achieve this.

As usual, Gimli will be in his tank form, with 2 Citadel Plate, some Boots from Erebor, and will be able to absolutely smoke just about any enemy. Self Preservation will help to keep him alive, and giving him and Narvi's Belt and Steward of Gondor will help you to pay for any card you wish.

Legolas is well... Legolas. As always, just give him some blades and he'll handle the rest. I hope you enjoy my first public deck.



Mar 15, 2023 cardiner 2

I would consider taking out Deeping Bowman and adding Rivendell Blade as it can serve similar purpose, and replacing Andúril with Andúril even tho it is campaign card, just consider it as attachment, to avoid ALeP :)

Mar 16, 2023 Alil 2

Hey Cardiner! Thanks for your feedback! While I agree with your idea, and it may be an alternative for some players, I have a fairly limited card pool, one that includes lots of ALeP. It is certainly an option for some players, but for now I think I will keep the ones I have. Great hearing from you!

Mar 16, 2023 cardiner 2

Yeah yeah, it was mostly a suggestion for anyone who does not have ALeP :) I have used very similar deck as this one, and ir performs well at least up until Heirs of Numinor cycle havent tried it on anything later :)