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Putting Angmar Back to Bed (#RCO)
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ironwill212 767

RCO - Revised Content Only (h/t @TheGameLocker)

"[Aragorn] did not know it, but Arwen Undomiel was also there, dwelling again for a time with the kin of her mother." - The Return of the King, Appendix A

This deck can be constructed using only the Revised Core, Angmar Awakens Heroes Expansion, and Elves of Lorien starter deck, the last of which forms the main structure (albeit optimized for stronger questing and support). The presence of Arwen Undómiel instead of Haldir grants stronger opening and access to the Elven-light engine. Once up and running, Arwen and her grandparents can contribute 10 before any allies enter play.

Arwen Undomiel - Strong willpower and resource acceleration (turned into card acceleration w/Elven-light) really make this deck run. Typically, she will give the extra resource to her Grandmother, but it can also go across the table to the Fiance when convenient. Equip her with Steed of Imladris once it comes out for additional questing power.

Celeborn - His boost to all Silvan allies speaks for itself, but he also provides 3 and access to for O Lórien!, Feigned Voices, and Naith Guides.

Galadriel - Card draw, threat control, pseudo-questing (very convenient for minimizing some of the nastiest weather treacheries!), tempo for allies entering play, the Lady of Lorien does it all. It is critical to get Nenya out ASAP to provide access to (otherwise the deck is capable of stalling out). One fun trick to combat Cold from Angmar is to damage Galadriel and then just quest with her until you can find healing.

General Strategy - Nenya and Elven-light are the most important cards to see early, but O Lórien! and a questing ally (either Galadriel's Handmaiden or Naith Guide) are also great. Quest hard and plan to chump whatever enemies cannot be covered by the sentinels across the table (or use Feigned Voices, which can be recycled by your Galadhrim Weavers). Generally, Scorpagorn will be able to grab these enemies after one round. Cancel the nastiest treacheries with A Test of Will, throw Unexpected Courage across the table, and use Host of Galadhrim when you need a massive tempo boost. Gather Information is present to help dig out Nenya if it is slow to show up. Otherwise, this plays very much like a typical Silvan build. Play allies for their effect, bounce them back with The Tree People or Feigned Voices, rinse & repeat.

Miscellaneous Strategy - Tale of Tinúviel is not only a really fun card to play, but it can lead to some great moments when it shows up. For best usage, exhaust Aragorn (in the other deck) to defend or attack a big enemy, play the Tale in the action window before that attack/defense resolves (using Galadriel to raise all of his stats by 4), and then he is able to ready and get another usage out of this massive boost.

Battle of Carn Dum Strategy - Prior to Carn Dum, I subbed out Gather Information, and one copy of Gandalf and The Tree People in favor of extra Lembas and another Steed of Imladris to increase healing potential and to help clear an Accursed Battlefield in a pinch (one usage of the Steed plus a Lórien Guide can immediately clear the battlefield and switch you back to willpower questing). I chose Elrond's Champion as my boon for early questing power.


Apr 01, 2023 TheGameLocker 1118

This deck looks great! Never thought of the Galadriel + Cold From Angmar exploit, or using Tale of Tinuviel with Galadriel, that's a fantastic combo. Thanks again for contributing to the #RCO initiative!

Apr 01, 2023 Marctimmins89 105

Galadriel and Celeborn are Arwen's grandparents right? Not Aunt and Uncle.

Apr 01, 2023 ironwill212 767

@TheGameLocker Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for initiating the initiative!

I always feel a bit awkward using Galadriel for Tale of Tinuviel instead of Arwen, but it makes strategic sense (and I found that Galadriel was much more likely to be ready during questing or combat.

Apr 01, 2023 ironwill212 767

@Marctimmins89 You are totally right. I guess I got too excited about my alliterative deck title idea!