Prince Imrahil, King of Rohan tDM

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Old Friends 3
Against the Marshes
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Prince Imrahil, King of Rohan tHoEM 0 0 0 2.0
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Prince Imrahil, King of Rohan RtM 1 0 0 4.0
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Carder89 104

Carder89 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Prince Imrahil, King of Rohan RtM

This deck quests hard and can do it precise as well with both location control, and certain allies that boost willpower.

With Sneak Attack, Stand and Fight, Escort from Edoras, chumping Snowbourn Scout, Westfold Horse-breaker, The Riddermark's Finest, Ride to Ruin and √Čomund, characters will constantly leave play which will ready Prince Imrahil and allow you to play Valiant Sacrifice. Stand and Fight can get allies back from the discard pile allowing you to repeat this process.

There are no real additions to the main deck in this AP. Some cards have been added to the sideboard.