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Kivis 1

Deck that is built around buffing Treebeard with healing, hit point increasing and readying attachments. Inspired by the sheer power of Treebeard's ability

Ent Draught + Lembas on Treebeard >> 5 points of self damage >> exhaust to quest with 7 willpower >> activate Lembass to heal and ready Treebeard for encounter / combat phase if needed

Use reforged to buy-back discarded Lembass to repeat this

Treebeard max health is boosted by Ent Draught and Ring of Barahir (which further increases hit points if Magic Ring and/or Mithril Shirts are equipped, Artifact keyword). For optimum play, Mithril Shirt can be played from discard pile with Reforged after quest phase is resolved

Aflatoth and Light of Valinor are included to secure alternative paths to strong questing, leaving Treebeard to a fighter role


Feb 11, 2024 doomguard 1877

good concept. i would make some changes:

would discard:

Feb 12, 2024 Kivis 1

Thank you for your comment @doomguard. Great remarks!

Unfortunately I don't have Shadow and Flame (Master of the Forge) nor The Long Dark (Warden of Healing) packs, otherwise these cards would have been my go-to choices. Also Miruvor would be great here

As for Vilya, I have played it several times and I have ran into the problem of lacking actions. Elrond is great at defending so I would prefer to have him ready for combat, especially if Treebeard is used to quest or to bonk enemies. Also, the deck doesn't have that many high-cost and high-impact cards (exept for Wellinghall Preserver) that would justify exhausting Elrond. Still, with Imladris Stargazer this could work and I will create an derivative of the deck and try this out. I feel that Elrond-Vilya combo always needs a way to make sure you have something suitable at the top of your deck

I will continue balance testing for amount of uniques you underlined (Mithril Shirt and Ring of Barahir), currently duplicates are not a problem since I have Protector of Lórien to turn any excess into willpower or defence. At the moment I still prefer higher chances of acquiring them

Erebor Hammersmith is an excellent addition! I had almost completely forgotten about him. Time to dumpster dive more Lembas for our Tree-buddy

Feb 12, 2024 doomguard 1877

if u want Elrond for defending, give him a Cloak of Lórien (what again u might not have ;) )