Middle Earth Auction - Deck 1 - Monoleadership

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Middle Earth Auction - Gondor and Company
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Crabble1337 3

This is the first Deck of a Fellowship that I created with my heroes out of the Middle Earth Hero Auction hosted by Seastan.

Starting thread is 29 because I got Amarthiúl for 12, Aragorn for 10 and Prince Imrahil for a low 7.

This Monoleadership-Gondor-Deck should be pretty straight forward to play. Get some allys out, play Visionary Leadership and Sword that was Broken and quest for a buttload of willpower.

Raiment of War can be payed by Amarthiúl if you leave an enemy engaged with you. Ithilien Tracker and Warden of Healing will be playable after you get the Ring of Barahir on Aragorn from your partnerdeck.

Steward of Gondor, Visionary Leadership and Heir of Mardil and Celebrían's Stone will all go on Aragorn.

Armored Destrier as well as any Dúnedain Warning wil be best on Amarthiúl. If you can try to get a second copie on him.

In thread-heavy quests with a lot of doomed-cards you might want to swap Raiment of War for Favor of the Valar but this fellowship will normaly ramp up willpower very quickly so you shouldn't have problems to quest quickly through a potential stage 2/3/4/etc. of a quest.

Key cards which you should mulligan for are Steward of Gondor, Armored Destrier and some allies. Visionary Leadership should also be a priority but is not neccessary in your starting hand because in the first/seond round of the game you normaly will spend all of your ressources to pump out attachments and allies.