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Middle Earth Auction - Gondor and Company
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Crabble1337 3

This is the second Deck of a Fellowship that I created with my heroes out of the Middle Earth Hero Auction hosted by Seastan.

Starting thread is only 24 because I got Bard the Bowman for 7, Legolas for 5 and Idraen for 12.

As a partner to the Monoleadership-Gondor-Deck this deck manages:

Locations (Northern Tracker/Rhovanion Outrider)

Combat (Legolas and Bard the Bowman as attacker for both decks, Defender of Rammas for own defense if needed)

Carddraw (Foe-hammer and Ancient Mathom which can be used for both decks)

Attachments should be straight forward but I will give some details:

Light of Valinor and Mirkwood Long-knife will be best on Legolas, Great Yew Bow and Blade of Gondolin are for Bard the Bowman.

Horn of Gondor can either go on Idraen or Prince Imrahil which has to be decided ingame.

Unexpected Courage is best on Bard the Bowman or Aragorn.

Arwen Undómiel will grant here +1defense and sentinel to Amarthiúl who will be the main defender in this fellowship.

For Legolas abilty chuck extra-copies of your unique cards such as Arwen Undómiel, Light of Valinor or Ring of Barahir. It's not need that often in my opinion but if you want Bard the Bowman or Prince Imrahil ready when they go questing it's certainly an option.

Mulligan for Light of Valinor, Arwen Undómiel and a weapon. Those are your key cards to success.