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Saalko 8

Just playing around with ideas.

Aragorn starts with Estel and Gilraen has a card draw ability. That means 4 card draws each turn. Who needs Lore for that?

And Location Control with Beorning Guardians: Birna can be exhausted, to get them directly back into play. OR sge gets a Skin-changer back, who you dismiss to get a Beorning Guardian back. And the best thing you don't need to discard them this way :D

Gilraen gets Gift of Foresight, so she blocks for 4 other Attachements for blocking recomended

Grimborn gets a War Axe and a Warrior Sword. (To hit back hard) and a Rohan Warehorse with a golden belt to do it twice

Also has elronds Council for Thread reduction

Grey Companion, as Aragorn gets a lot of titles. so they can be cheap

Beorns Welcome for Grimborn and maybe Aragorn. Grimborns ability and Birnas Ability are free now :D


Jul 10, 2024 doomguard 2094

would add

would discard:

would think about Elven-light (discardable with Estel )