Nobles in Numenor

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ballin4nothin 18

I built this deck for my progression through Heirs of Numenor and Against the Shadow Cycle. The cardpool only consists of cards up to then. I will most likely edit the deck as I progress into APs. So far from my testing, it holds up very well with "battle" mechanics and the combat phase. Keys to Victory:

  1. Boromir is the MVP here. Ready him as needed to quest, block, and attack. Just be careful of your threat since this deck starts at a pretty high 32.
  2. Elrond puts the deck together. He can help pay for shadow cancellation through Dúnedain Watcher, condition attachment removal with Miner of the Iron Hills, and Warden of Healing which combos very well with his response. He can even help pay for expensive allies such as Faramir and Eagles of the Misty Mountains. Any form of resource acceleration such as Théodred's ability, Steward of Gondor, and Envoy of Pelargir's ability should go to him.
  3. Many allies have 2-4 HP which is needed to survive occasional engagement direct damage. They are also capable sponges for archery damage.
  4. Peace, and Thought works well with Boromir since he can ready right after. The other hero that will be exhausted tends to be Théodred.
  5. Dúnedain Mark should go to Boromir since he can kill most enemies with just one strike. He can also commit to battle quests significantly. Quick Strike should be used to finish off enemies with nasty forced engagement effects that may bounce back to the staging area via shadow card.
  6. Behind Strong Walls is super useful for the price of 1 . Coupled that with Spear of the Citadel and you've got a solid defense. If a nasty shadow card pops up, hopefully you have Dúnedain Watcher in play to cancel it. I chose Dúnedain Watcher over A Burning Brand because Boromir, Winged Guardian, and Defender of Rammas may have to block at times. Dúnedain Watcher can accommodate for all cases. Also, Théodred tends to have spare resources to help Elrond pay for her anyways.
  7. The deck lacks willpower since it mostly consists of tactics so keep Faramir in play for his crucial ability.

I am thinking of adding some allies since we have the option to do so with Elrond. If you have any suggestions that will fit this deck please let me know.