Seastan's Boromir 2-handed [1/2]

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Seastan's Boromir 2-handed
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Seastan 20852

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This is the combat half of the pair of decks. Mulligan for Dunedain Signal, unless the other deck has Arwen Undómiel in hand, because you want to be able to defend for both decks right away. This deck should start as first player so that in the event of whiffing on a Sentinel card you can still take two enemies on the first turn.

Sneak Attack and Gandalf are often used in the quest phase, because Boromir generally does not need any help with combat.

Boromir is the target for all the attachments here, but the key ones are Steward of Gondor and Gondorian Fire. This will get Boromir to 10+ and once he gets Dúnedain Cache he can start clearing the board every turn.

Using Boromir frequently and playing lots of doomed cards will increase your threat quickly. The other deck takes care of this for the most part, but between Sneak Attack, Gandalf, and Favor of the Valar, you have a fair amount of threat managing you can do on your own.

Theodred's resource mostly goes to Boromir until he has a large enough pool, but I will often give it to the other deck when I can because it has no built in resource acceleration. Gaining Strength can also be used to help out the other deck.

Having Peace, and Thought in your opening hand and nothing else is still decent. With Boromir it's basically just exhausting 1 hero for 5 cards, and you can't beat that. You'll often have what you need by turn 2.

The sideboard cards are there mainly for A Journey to Rhosgobel, but also help in quests with lots of archery.


Apr 16, 2016 hon 226

why Captain of Gondor? I understand it triggers often but I feel like there are better 1x slots especially since its boost is so trivial compared to the other attachments.

Apr 17, 2016 Seastan 20852

@honIt's an early game backup for the shield. It's true that blood and fire are way stronger, but you need to survive the early game first before they become effective.

May 11, 2016 Neaell 1

Greeting but Am i missing something here, how can you use "We are not Idle" withouht dwarves? Plus in the other deck with Aragorn are you sure that tou can use his ability for both players?! Thanks in advance and congrats on your beautiful decks! :-)

May 11, 2016 Seastan 20852

You can use We Are Not Idle in decks without dwarves. Just exhaust 0 dwarves and draw a card. It is just here to thin out the deck.

Yes, Aragon's ability can be used by both players:

FAQ 1.51: "if a card has a limit of “once per game,” that limitation is specific to the player who triggered it."