The Birds and the Trees

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Bullroarer Took 79

Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the trees…

This deck came about after one of our group meetings playing against The Black Serpent. That day I was playing a blue green control deck and while I did cancel a lot of cards I just felt like my deck didn’t pull its weight. Dissatisfied I started thinking about another deck to play. I had been playing a lot of Noldor decks and wanted something different. (I am a theme player to a fault.) My mind went back to Authraw’s Many Meetings deck which ran Pippen/Merry/Gandalf. Gandalf casts a huge shadow in multi-player so I wanted to replace him. Treebeard hero seemed the answer except that Treebeard ally is your only easy source of ramp in an ent deck. So I swapped in Quickbeam as the hero and made Treebeard an ally. This also meant my starting threat was only 24.

This is an ent deck and the first 60% of an ent deck builds itself. For the remainder I put in red and green hobbit cards… But I wasn’t happy with the resource balance because most of the hobbits are green and Pippen was my only lore hero. I needed more red. As I was looking through my tactics binder for more tactics hobbit allies I saw the eagles and I realized that The Eagles are Coming is a fantastic card in the deck as it thins the deck even further to help find Treebeard with Entmoot if needed. So it became an ent/eagle deck. Pippen and Merry became 2 willpower questers and resource generators.

There isn’t much strategy too it, but you are looking to drop a 2 resource tactics ally on turn 1 and Treebeard on turn 2. This means you want to look for Treebeard in your opening hand. With Entmoot, Daeron’s Runes and The Eagles are Coming your odds are pretty good, but make sure you sequence those cards to maximize your odds. After that you are basically trying to drop and ent or two every turn and then eagles.


Jul 26, 2018 Goggen 106

I can't arguee against the thematic fit, but Merry does seem like a very good hero-choice.

For a tactics quester I'd probably pick Hirgon or Mablung and get some resource-acceleration, even at the cost of some threat - or Éowyn if not.

Feb 22, 2021 Greensbrew 77

Hey, actually the idea that this deck is made easy to join a multiplayer game makes it very appropriate to run The Burglar's Turn in it. You only lose the 3 ent draughts, and there are plenty locations to work on with 3-4 players.

Then there is room for Drinking Song, maybe a few extra eagles, or some extra healing for Quickbeam, like Song of Healing or Ioreth.

Feb 22, 2021 Greensbrew 77

And that would be even more of a thematic homerun with our two dear hobbits finding old artifacts and stuff in their search for food and tobacco!

Feb 22, 2021 Bullroarer Took 79

I changed the deck significantly after we got Drinking Song and Folco:

Because Resourceful plays such an important part I wouldn't go Burglar's Turn, but if you were to use the Eagle version maybe it could work.