Aragon and Arwen forever

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LordTh 67

I wanted to make a deck with Arwen and Aragorn and this is what I came up with.

Some considerations:

  • The allies are a little weird, costly and maybe not the best. You could exchange them for almost whoever you want. No ally are especially important for the deck to work. So if you want to include Ethir Swordsman that's fine. I wanted to make the grey company with some flavor from Denethor.
  • If you are playing multiplayer you should include a copy or two of Desperate Alliance. The deck uses both Legacy of Númenor and Deep Knowledge to doom the players, so if you want to play this game with the same people after this, see to it that you help them out as well.
  • Include Power of Orthanc if there are some nasty conditions in the quest.
  • Denethor is only here for the nice resources, so if you need more willpower or more attack you could chose to include another Leadership hero.

Starting hand:

Steward of Gondor is very important on Aragorn, also Sword that was Broken is nice to give Aragorn the leadership icon and more willpower for the board.

The Combo:

The combo is to get Tale of Tinúviel and Light of Valinor, Arwen can then quest and give her willpower to all Aragorns stats later on. You would like to see all three but to raise the odds a little you also have Dwarven Tomb to pick it up from your discard pile. Aragorn should get one or more Unexpected Courage to use his stats for more than one thing, i.e. defend and attack.

So why no Blood of Númenor? Well the reason is i Don't really like it. It is very powerful, but I wanted to utilize Arwen and Aragorn as a team.

I play-tested the deck and it won against "Escape from Umbar" and also "Druadan forest". The deck is very good to beat "Druadan" for two reasons:

  1. A lot of resource generation
  2. In the end you will attack with your willpower which you will have plenty.