A Stereotypical Eagles Deck

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4 players, 3 cores, 4 spheres, up to Shadow and Flame
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dalestephenson 1485

This deck is not creative at all, it is a crowdsourced Eagles deck.

My procedure was as follows -- I analyzed decks with Support of the Eagles and The Eagles Are Coming! to see what the most likely hero lineup would be. After settling on the my-first-mono-tactics lineup of Gimli/Legolas/Thalin, I then looked at 8 decks using that lineup from different creators to see which cards were used the most, and what the median ally/attchment/event count was. You can see the raw information with some commentary here:


To turn that information into a deck, I then used the median count to apportion card slots to the most popular choices in each category, trying to use the most popular count for each until I ran out of space. I also limited the cards to a single core set.

The end result should be a stereotypical Eagles Deck -- one that only includes cards that others have used the most (by percentage, not raw count) in their own Eagles decks with this lineup. If you want the typical Eagles experience, this may be a good fit -- and if it's not, don't blame me, blame the committee!

This obviously is not going to be a good solo deck, since the maximum willpower is extremely limited. If you want a good solo Eagles deck, I suggest a Théoden/Éowyn/Hirgon lineup. Pair this with a questing deck, which unfortunately means that you need to keep Winged Guardian out quickly and pay for him to stick around, at least until you can get Eagles of the Misty Mountains out to take over defensive duties. Get Gimli powered up ASAP so he and Legolas can make sure enemies don't have to be defended against more than once.

Survive the early game, power up Misty, and put Support of the Eagles on a hero and have some fun. Gimli can get to attack levels that otherwise can't be achieved without Gondorian Fire.


Feb 25, 2023 ShiraHata 124

Just as you discuss in the BGG thread, it is indeed puzzling why Born Aloft and Meneldor's Flight made it in. Maybe folks coming from other games assume that you can bounce a defender back to hand to effectively negate an attack? Or are they simply fooled by the artwork?