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The Withered Heath - 2 Players - 2019-04-07
The Withered Heath - 2 Players - 2019-04-07
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Devaresh 1511

Here is my updated Dale deck post Withered Heath. It has proven itself many times over before the new cards and has only gotten better.

Changes and Updates

To summarize I have added 3 Guardian of Esgaroth, 2 Long Lake Fisherman, and 2 Squire's Helm.

I removed 2 Map of Rhovanion, 2 To Arms!, 2 Rhovanion Outrider, and 1 Warrior of Dale. I found I didn’t need the location control, or readying from the event, and the flexibility of Guardian of Esgaroth covered the allies I removed easily.

For more details on tricks and tips for the deck in its previous iteration check out my blog:

How does it play

In your opening hand you want to see King of Dale which is what you will mulligan for. Ideally you have a questing ally and some attachments as well.

You will be using Galadriel for card draw most every turn along with her threat reduction. King of Dale typically goes on Bard son of Brand and from there you start loading up allies with one attachment a piece.

Once Galadriel has Mirror of Galadriel you can start searching for whatever pieces you need to continue your momentum forward. The struggle for Dale is that you need a balance of allies and attachments in order to continue progressing through your deck and ramp up. I will also note that Silver Harp usually goes on Bard son of Brand to count further toward King of Dale.

Nenya will also give us access to (we aren’t likely to commit Galadriel and her willpower to questing) so that we can play our Warden of Healing if we need him (most of the time we don’t).

This box has some very good tools that you will want to prioritize depending on what quest you are up against, check out the blog for more details!


This deck is very strong and flexible. It can cover questing or combat in multiplayer, and it is more than strong enough for single player. It has achieved victory in every quest that I’ve tried it against so far but it will struggle against attachment hate or quests that tech against large ally counts.

Guardian of Esgaroth is the strongest edition to the Dale archetype and you should definitely be including him when you build!

It has quickly become my favorite army style deck and I highly recommend it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Sep 15, 2018 Shiro1981 1

I played this deck a few times in multiplayer. I love how it offers solid combat options quite quickly. I ended up using Galadriel + Nenya a lot for questing support, though (we played against gencon scenarios mainly).