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widowmaker 136

Built this deck to play in a four player game for people who haven't yet played the game. Theory is that I wanted to build four decks that epitomised the strengths and roles of each sphere, while ensuring they were playable with a little bit of resource acceleration and card draw in each deck.

Hero wise, Bifur and Mirlonde were easy choices. Being able to steal a resource from whomever got Steward of Gondor smooths out the resources some and running mono lore keeps the threat down. The third choice was somewhat more difficult, so keeping with the role focus of these decks (meaning I should run either healing or card draw) my choices are Beravor, Elrond or Damrod. Given that I really feel that the Traps are a cool mechanic unique to Lore that I'd like to use and Elrond's ability would be largely wasted because of the mono-sphere nature of the deck I think I'll take Damrod

Note: Other options are Haldir of Lórien which I might swap out for Mirlonde since the threat is pretty low to start with and it should be fairly easy to not engage an enemy and gives a target for Rivendell Blade

Like I said, I really wanted to get the most out of the Trap theme of Lore, while I had no doubt that card draw and resources wasn't going to be a huge issue with our hero lineup, just whacking down a bunch of allies was hardly showcasing the awesomeness of Lore, albeit quite effective... I took Anborn for Trap recursion and filled out the ally roster with smatterings of uniques as well as a handful of Ents to deal with anything that might get through. Most of the attachments taken were Traps, but ensured that we had some Self Preservations as well as some cool additions in Wingfoot, Thror's Map, Asfaloth and Elf-stone- none of which are critical to the deck function but you'd never really be sad to see.

Lastly, lots of card drawing events as you would expect- I don't think there will be many pieces missing from this deck with the amount of draw that it's got. Hopefully it'll be dropping down a Trap each turn.

Note: I'm thinking I might run Gléowine as a 2 or 3 of, not because of how critical he (she?) is to the deck, but because without Beravor or Bilbo Baggins there isn't a lot of targeted card draw which I think needs to be there for this to be an archetypical Lore deck. I'd drop a Self Preservation probably to do this, with the amount of card draw available I don't know that 3 of them is required with full stocks of Warden of Healing as well

Mulligan for:

Forest Snare



Self Preservation or Warden of Healing