Ringmaker Minimum Purchase: Silvan Archers

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Ringmaker Minimum Purchase
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Roka 727

This is a deck of my 2-player Fellowship for tackling the Ringmaker-cycle in Minimum purchase mode, just using cards from the Core set, Voice of Isengard and the Ringmaker-cycle. To check out how it ended up doing check out the fellowship describtion.

Ringmaker gave us a couple of cards for the Silvan trait, so it was clear for me that I would build a silvan deck. I decided to not go all in with quad sphere using Galadriel and Nenya, so I use only 16 allies in this deck and also no copy of The Tree People. Instead I focused on the two ranged heroes Legolas and Haldir of Lórien who get acces to a lot of toys with Rohan Warhorse, Bow of the Galadhrim and Noiseless Movement.

This deck includes also quite a couple of cards for it's partner deck, Lembas and Captain of Gondor for Erkenbrand and Protector of Lórien for Idraen who can quest and defend.