A Shadow of the Past progression


A non-campaign progression fellowship.

The key is in building Sam and Eleanor as defenders with DĂșnedain Warning / Hobbit Cloak / Gondorian Shield. Afterwards, attach Song of Wisdom and A Burning Brand to both. Steward of Gondor, Fast Hitch and CelebrĂ­an's Stone go all on Sam, turning him into a defending / questing machine.

Ideally get all Black Riders to engage the Hobbit deck - Sam should be ready to defend stuff before Eleanor and Merry + Brand son of Bain can chop an infinite number of enemies when equiped with the daggers. If the attackers aren't sufficiently built yet, Black Arrow or Unseen Strike can maybe help instead.

Smuggle Beorn in with Elf-stone, although eventually you will be swimming in resources anyway.