A boy and his horse... #RCO


My 7 year old son desperately wants to play with me since I started playing a year or so ago. I've talked with him about needing willpower, card draw, defense, and threat control....Nah dad, I just wanna kill orcs.

Well, who better to kill Orcs with than Éomer and since he doesn't want to deal with any of that silly willpower stuff Lothíriel wasn't an option. So...

Prince Imrahil bounces the needed ally in and out for +2 . The allies are a mixed bag of Gondor, Warrior, and Noble who can all be utility pieces in the right phase. Galadriel if we need some extra even though her response doesn't hit. Defender of Rammas to chump in a pinch but may not be needed, then some expensive pieces to potentially get some permanent friends in with A Very Good Tale. Erestor brings the card draw to get him his Firefoot early and Beregond won't need the resources for himself. Hopefully he can get a War Axe out of his own deck. Now Éomer is the killing machine he wants to play. Armored Destrier and Celebrían's Stone are there if he wants to help his poor old dad out at all.

Halbarad is there to help engage another enemy if needs be and to give access for wanted allies and A Very Good Tale to try and get some allies to stick around. He can quest in a pinch if Éomer doesn't kill everything first...

On the other side of the table is me doing....everything else. Questing, defending, and drawing cards for him, ya know, all the boring stuff. Arwen Undómiel for the usual questing, resource acceleration and card draw (Elven-light) along with some Noldor ally help with To the Sea, to the Sea!. Erestor makes any Noldor support deck sing. Then Beregond doing Beregond things.

The things we do for our children. Who am I kidding, I'm going to have just as much fun.


Nov 01, 2023 doomguard 2053

consider The Hammer-stroke Oath of Eorl and Quick Strike at your boy, he do not really need this much leadershipcards.

Nov 02, 2023 The Purple Wizard 1157

I really enjoyed the deck names here. :)

Nov 02, 2023 krautbammer 43

Haha, thanks! Obviously not a world beater deck but has simple mechanics for my son to play and go against some of the easier quest.

Nov 03, 2023 The Purple Wizard 1157

Getting your seven year old to play with you AND enjoy it is a heck of a deck-building accomplishment!