Flight of the Stormcaller progression


General gameplan: this time, the decks are slightly less specialised. Noldor mostly quest, but can deal with enemies (usually a Corsair Skiff) on their own should the need arise. Gondor handle the fighting at first but later on can also quest thanks to Faramir / Visionary Leadership. Gondor sails on the Dawn Star, Noldor sails on the Dream-chaser (although you can swap them if you want to, the fellowship still works but is less balanced in favour of Noldor). Dream-chaser mostly commits to sailing tests, usually it's good to commit 4 characters for the first required success mark and 1-2 additional characters per additional mark. Dawn Star defends enemy attacks, except for situations where you anticipate engaging more ships (avoid that if you can as the boarding enemies might overwhelm you) where Dream-chaser defends as well.

You don't want to overquest on turn 1, because you might not be ready to immediately add a Swift Raider to your staging area. Try to stay on course and slowly build your army. Engage ships and travel to locations from Stormcaller's staging area whenever you can afford to. Usually, you will catch up to the Stormcaller on stage 4 after 8-9 turns, where you can choose to either overquest or destroy the corsairs.

Gondor - notable cards:

Denethor gets a Gondorian Shield and defends most of the boarding corsairs. Boromir (don't forget to keep a resource on him unless you know you won't have enough attacking power in that round anyway) boosts your army and usually dispatches enemies together with Mablung who can occasionally quest. Sometimes it is worth it to redistribute a resource from Denethor to Mablung.

Most of your sailing and attacking work will be done with cheap Gondor allies - Squire of the Citadel, Envoy of Pelargir, Pelargir Ship Captain... Also Vassals of the Windlord should mostly blow wind into your sails (they might be needed for a big attack but not very often). Thanks to your ship, you will draw 2 cards per turn and with Steward / Denethor's starting ability, you should have more than enough resources to get them into play.

Honour Guard is your insurance for Denethor against annoying shadow boosts.

Gandalf should mostly lower your threat which may get sudden bumps due to treacheries.

Rod of the Steward can help you out once you swim in resources with no cards to play, but mostly it is your insurance against attachment discard effects, preserving your other more valuable attachments.

Don't forget that Feint works even against an entire ship!

Mulligan for: Gondorian Shield, cheap allies. Steward of Gondor helps a lot, but your card draw is strong, so I only include it in two copies.

Noldor - notable cards:

All three heroes mostly quest (Círdan with Light of Valinor); Círdan can become your emergency defender. Arwen redistributes resources as necessary. After a few rounds, you will burn through your cards, at which point Galdor gets you 6 cards back.

Silver Harp lets you keep the card you draw with Círdan, at which point your card draw should be fine. Until that time, Gléowine can be your usual best buddy.

Narya brings further attacking power (very handy with Anborn) where needed, if that is not necessary, you can also ready Gléowine to get another card.

Guardian of Rivendell is your best defender, possibly boosted by Narya, but don't be afraid to disard the card for other effects when low on cards.

Imladris Caregiver provides the occasional healing.

Ithilien Lookout and Pelargir Shipwright come to the team on loan from Gondor, providing some attack strength when needed (Boromir's and Visionary Leadership's effects are global) together with Quickbeam.

West Road Traveller helps out with nastiest travel effects as usual.

Unexpected Courage is probably best used across the table on Denethor.

Mulligan/discard to Galdor for: Gléowine / Light of Valinor / Narya. You also want to have 2-3 allies out on turn 2 when it's your turn to sail.