Sing until straight shot

Kaspatou 520


This a first attempt to use the new ALEP cards. Thank you for your incredible work !

This fellowship try to do different things.

Hama's orchestra play fast a lot of instruments, especially Bronze Bell. It's free thanks to Forth, The Three Hunters! and Elena.

It's fast because we draw a lot thanks to Pippin, Daeron's Runes, Deep Knowledge, Drinking Song, The Seeing-stone, An Unexpected Party, and recursive Foe-hammer if really needed.

With all our instruments we reduce defense's ennemis to 0. Then we discard them with Straight Shot before their attacks.

Háma can kill little ennemis to recover Straight Shot and do it again.

The choir of Hama's orchestra play with songs and (MotK) Rosie Cotton.

All our heroes will quest for free thanks to Goldberry and Let Us Sing Together, Rosie will be insane with so many songs. (we prefer attach our songs to Rosie rather than Tom Bombadil).

With Fireside Song she quests for free, give a huge extra willpower to Pippin and then boost or depending on what we need.

With Love of Tales we will have many resources and Daughter of Withywindle allows us to spend as we want.

Tom Bombadil is here to heal and kill some engaged ennemis too. It's easy with for exemple Hey Dol! Merry Dol!, exhaust Goldberry and do it again.

It's a first attempt so i probably miss a lot of things, don't hesitate if you have suggestions !

Thank you again to all Alep's team.


Mar 02, 2024 doomguard 1963

i thought myself about an instrument-deck. Elena is obvious and Forth, The Three Hunters! is a way to make it cheaper perhaps Nob could be an option to make it a bit faster.

consider The White Council to shuffle Straight Shot back, (hama can reuse it only 3 times so it might be a use)

Open the Armory at the Forth, The Three Hunters! seems good for me, but what to cut?

with the many discount is Legacy of Númenor really needed? i would either replace the doomed events or Daeron's Runes. without weapons the strategy cannot roll completely (either for Straight Shot or Foe-hammer) and 6 weapons are not this much without tools to find them.

Mar 02, 2024 Kaspatou 520

Thank you for your comment !

Yep Nob is a good option too, indeed.

The white council is a great idea, I didn't think about it.

Open the armory is remplaced by an unexpected party because i have only 6 weapons, just for foe hammer and flip the contract.

I tested only once but I was too slow. My idea is to draw a lot so we need one card to pay everything faster.

We only have 4 attacks with 6 heroes so we have to setup quickly :D

Maybe i will cut the seeing stone :)

Mar 02, 2024 doomguard 1963

the usual way to make things faster with leadership is We Are Not Idle but i am not always a fan of it, specially if some card like An Unexpected Party around that searches for special cards.

would rather cut Legacy of Númenor than The Seeing-stone with the stone you can get Deep Knowledge what is the best carddraw there is.