Ring-maker Cycle Rohan/Gondor Fellowship

uuneter 94


Mostly-thematic Rohan/Gondor decks for playing through the whole Ring-maker cycle. These are based on BGG user kuroppo's decks from this thread https://boardgamegeek.com/article/32125138#32125138, with some modifications I made while playing through the cycle. I beat all of the quests within 1-3 attempts with these decks, several in my first try.

The decks are pretty self-explanatory - the Spirit deck handles questing, and the Tactics/Leadership deck handles enemies. The Spirit deck always provided me plenty of WP. Never got location-locked. Opening hand, just allies and a Light of Valinor is nice. Lay of Nimrodel definitely came in handy several quests when I needed a big quest boost. I substituted Idraen in for Beregond when she came into the story, mainly for theme, but she worked very well.

For the Tactics/Leadership deck, opening hand, an attack boost for Legolas, and a Defender of Rammas is good. Use chump blocking strategically, to trigger Prince Imrahil's and Éomer's abilities when needed. If you get a couple boosts on Legolas, and Rohan Warhorse, he's great at helping destroy enemies for both decks. Steward of Gondor, it depended on the quest who got it - sometimes Prince Imrahil to help pay for Faramir, sometimes Éowyn, for Lay of Nimrodel for quests where I needed a huge quest push.

Now that I've finished the cycle, you could probably replace Elrond's Counsel with something more useful, especially with using Beregond for most of the quests. I never had any threat issues with this deck. I don't think I ever even hit 40.