Heirs of Numenor progression 1CS Fellowship by czyn

czyn 172


This is a 2 player fellowship I used with my wife to beat Heirs of Numenor Quests.

Deck 1 (Aragorn, Boromir, Elrond). Muligan for Vilya and Warden of Healing (thanks to Elornd's ability it heals 2 damage from 2 different characters what will be crucial in all scenarios from this box). Use Master of the Forge to search for attachments (do not use it as chump blocker if not needed). When Elrond has Vilya in play it may pay for Spirit events and Unexpected Courage. The Unexpected Courage should go to Elrond or Beregond, depends on the scenario and table state. Use Aragorn ability as late as possible and help to reduce your companion thread with The Galadhrim's Greeting. Sword that was Broken may be game safer in late stages of scenarios when you need to quest with Willpower. Light of Valinor should be played asap on Elrond to allow him questing for free. If you do not need to use him for defending or attacking and if he already has Vilya, use his ability to play card for free. This box does not force you to lose attachments so you can consider adding Dunedain signals to this deck.

Deck 2 (Beorn, Beregond, Thalin) So special cards for muligan but if you got Citadel Plate and Gandalf you should probably stay with such hand. Lot of scenarios has Battle keyword in this pack so Beorn is an obvious choice for questing then. The same is with Defence keyword and Beregond. Beregond with Citatel Plate and healing help from deck 1 is able to take most of damage so it is worth to conciser playing Unexpected Courage on him (he has also Sentinel keyword which may be helpful in few cases). You may also ready him with Behind Strong Walls. Thalin should quest regardless of scenario keyword. His ability to damage enemies (and destroy bats for example) will be helpful. Generally Eagles companion like Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian are a perfect candidates for questing in this scenarios so try to keep them as long as possible. Safe Feint for the most difficult enemies like Mumak.

What is odd, from 3 scenarios of this box the last one (the most difficult according to ranks) was the easiest for this Fellowship. We had 2 tries and 2 wins. The most challenging was Into Ithilien which was beaten after 7th attempt.