Thematic Saga - "Tower of Cirith Ungol"

Tubarush 229


This is the Fellowship I used for The Tower of Cirith Ungol in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders. I won 2 out of 6 on Easy Mode with this Fellowship. I have 2 core sets and used cards thru the Haradrim cycle. The beginning of my Saga run is here: The previous quest, Battle of Pelennor Fields, is here:

Boons: Brace Of Coneys (x2) (used 1), Anduril (not used), Sting (in the Elrond deck), Old Bogey-Stories (Pippin), Tireless Ranger (Sam), Noble Hero (Aragorn - not used), Mithril Shirt (not used), Glamdring (not used), Leader of Men (Aragorn - not used), Intimidation (Legolas - not used), Esquire of Rohan (Merry - not used), Esquire of Gondor (Pippin - not used)

Burdens: The Searching Eye (x2), Gandalf's Delay, Panicked, Overcome By Terror, Fear of Discovery, Pursued By The Enemy, Overcome By Grief, Ill Fate

I was hoping to get to 2 wins faster, but in each of the 4 losses, I could not find Imladris Stargazer until at least the 4th round -- which is just too late to get the Elvish army onto the board. If you can start with her in hand, you've got a really good chance at winning.

I really like how the theme of this Fellowship works. Obviously, the quest is really a solo-Sam quest, so within the context of the game the theme needs to be fairly abstracted. The Elrond deck is about the experiences Sam had on his journey --- mainly meeting the Elves and Gandalf. The Hobbit deck is about Sam's friends and memories of home. (With the exception that Rosie has to be in the Elf deck due to resource-matching requirements.)

Tough quest --- and you definitely need to take out at least one of the Wraiths on Wings. Gandalf is a great help with that. But as noted above, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is for the Elf deck to get Imladris Stargazer out ASAP. Second most important is to get a Fast Hitch (or Unexpected Courage) on Sam Gamgee to neutralize the Heavy Burden of the Ring.

The decks need to work together, especially in regards to putting attachments on each other's characters. Hobbit Cloak for Tom Cotton. Rivendell Blade for Elrond. Ring Mail for Sam Gamgee. The Hobbit deck may even need a The Galadhrim's Greeting.

This was a very satisfying quest to beat and I really like how the theme worked here.