The Lord and Lady of Ithilien

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monkeyrama 18

The deck is intended to work with its pair, Bulwark of Gondor, but it should work fairly well in solo play. The initial questing strength is potentially 8, and in combat you can have both Faramir and Damrod ready if you equip them with a Steed of the North each.

The card draw is largely down to traps. You gain location control from Thror's Map and West Road Traveller, as well as extra questing strength from Mablung. Anborn allows you to recycle traps and when you engage enemies then Faramir can ready him, so play the Ranger Spear on Anborn. For Gondor! provides important stat boosts.

Armored Destrier and DĂșnedain Signal are played on Denethor from the other deck. Finally, Gandalf provides help when it is most needed, as usual. Envoy of Pelargir allows you to do some slight resource adjustments, and if you use Visionary Leadership in the other deck then In Service of the Steward provides Eowyn with extra .