Dúnedain Smash (Solo Dúnedain deck)

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blueluke 95

Based on a deck from the FFG board by DunedainLoreKeeper.

It's mostly a theme deck meant to be played solo.
Hah - That will piss off @AtaruSlash! ;)

Just kidding - The deck is centered around the Dúnedain trait and their unique engagement mechanic.

It is really fun to play and a nice way to explore the Dúnedain as a solo player, but can be somewhat inconsistent and will struggle with the really tough quests.


Engage at least two enemies and keep them permanently engaged to reap the benefits. Use Defender of Rammas, Guardian of Arnor and Amarthiúl buffed with Gondorian Shield/Dúnedain Warning to keep them at bay.

Shadow effects can really mess with you, but you got Dúnedain Watcher to cancel the worst of them.
Honour Guard also helps to deal with an unexpected attack boost (Defender of Rammas is his best buddy).

It has a solid questing power thanks to Sword that was Broken and Faramir and generates plenty of resources.

Sarn Ford Sentry is meant to be played with Sneak Attack or Reinforcements and acts as a strong, but inconsistent card draw engine.

And of course there's Gandalf to do wizardly things.
(+ Sneak Attack, Reinforcements, Rallying Cry)