Mounts and Songs !

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Mounts, Dwarves, and a Bear (Dwarrowdelf Cycle)
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tigormiti 653

This is the version I successfully took through the whole second cycle in 2-handed play, the other deck being Beorn’s Flowchart. The deck was handling cancellation (A Test of Will, Hasty Stroke, Dúnedain Watcher).

In this version, I fixed a few things : the mainly ally composition was too dependent on drawing Song of Travel, so now the main ally sphere is .

Also the deck has been tweaked to set up more reliably the attacking combo Éomer + Firefoot + Gúthwinë, which combine with Late Adventurer to allow Eomer to one-shot big enemies that were just revealed. Gúthwinë is used to recycle chump blockers and recycle the effect of Westfold Horse-breeder.

I put in more card draw in the form of 2 copies of Elven-light (to use with Eowyn’s discard ability) and Rod of the Steward, which is very much needed when the Steward of Gondor resource pool inevitably begins to build up.

All in all, it’s a competent well-rounded deck that I use as a go-to deck to pair with more specialized decks such as secrecy or trapper decks. Of course, it works best when paired with a Rohan deck with mounts, e.g., one built around Théoden and his Snowmane.