Dúnhere & Tacteowyn, Fastred edition

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The original deck was build at a time when there was no Fastred. Initially, the deck had Glorfindel as 3rd hero. That way round the starting threat was even lower and you had easy access to Elrond's Counsel. That deck was fun and worked, but for certain quests a solid defender was missing. (Jubayr wasn't there, too) This version of the deck has an updated card pool and an aproach with Fastred. All the cards in the Sideborad are old cards from the first deck.

Most newly added cards are here to support Fastred (and to boost his traits on other allies :D).

Yet, I am not sure which version I like most. The current setup lists 52 cards, because I still experiment with a good mixture of those cards to balance the deck out.


The concept is (almost) to not engage the enemies and kill them with Dunhere in the staging area, this is where a low threat is usefull. Fastred helps in his own way to keep the thread low.

Card draw.

Lots of card drawing cards helping to get the (mostly cheap cards) into your hand.

Resources and Smoothing.

There is no extra resource generation, but as most cards cost 2 or less, you can play most cards right from your hand. The old version had Spare Hood and Cloak and not Unexpected Courage, because Glorfindel (with LoV) was a good target for readying Dunhere and it was cheaper. In this new version SHaC dosn't work that good anymore, so I switched to UC.

Depending on your drawing luck blue or red resources may pile up. Use Gandalf to smoothen your resources.


Dúnhere gets the first two weapon attachments. Ideally Dagger of Westernesse, because Spear of the Mark can attatch to allies, too.

Most high- enemies also won't be slain on the round they enter play, so take your time and attach Secret Vigil to enemies with at least 3 . Whenever you will be first player, attach a Ancient Mathom to a location which will be complete this round or use Foe-hammer to draw cards.

Ideal Starting Hand:

(When playing solo you want to have Light of Valinor in your hand.) Two weapons would also be of good use, so that Dunhere is set up in the second round, especially in multiplayer (so that you can kill each round one enemy). A Raiment of War helps to set up your defender.


.. comments here are for the old setup..

The deck right now is build up for playing solo. You can optimize it for multiplayer. Depending on the AP you play you will (mostly) not be engaged. That is why Treebeard is not a viable choice. Swap him for Legolas. He is ranged and also helps drawing cards.

Rivendell Bow makes Glorfindel also ranged. Captain of Gondor adds one attack point more to either Glorfindel or Dunhere.

Because there are some unique attachments and there is no use of these cards in your hand, you can add also some Trollshaw Scouts. As they sholud not pop up early I'd add only two of them. Another card to give the spare cards a use would be Guardian of Rivendell, but as they are not ranged or sentinel their use is limited in multiplayer.

When playing with a healer you don't need the Honour Guards. They will make room for (some of the) the above cards.

When your style of play doesn't fit to Spare Hood and Cloak swap them for Unexpected Courage.

For more resouce smoothing: Envoy of Pelargir. For even more multiplayer support: Galadhon Archer.