Armory of the West

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WingfootRanger 1829

This mighty combat deck operates smoothly to arm its characters with implements of war to stop enemies with the shield wall that is Beregond and swift death dealt by Legolas and an entourage of elves and rangers. It is consistent at achieving combative prowess almost every time I have played it. It is a good choice if you want a strong and reliabel combat deck to cover all the combat basics.

Between Beregond and Erkenbrand this deck can already supply 2 sentinel defenses. Legolas is the attacking hero but Erkenbrand sometimes helps as well with his 2 attack. We want them to be armed up as soon as possible, so there ware plenty of armor and weapon attachments in the deck and Open the Armory to fetch them. Gondorian Shield goes on Beregond and Raven-winged Helm can go on either Beregond or Erkenbrand to effectively block even direct damage.

Legolas and the Silvan allies get those blade and bow attachments, with which they will slay enemies near and far thanks to the ranged keyword. Sneak Attack is excellent to use for Gandalf, but can also be used to great effect for a timely Marksman of Lórien, Greenwood Archer, or even Déorwine. Dúnedain Hunter is a great attacking ally whose cost is easy to handle in deck with this much defense power.

If Beregond, Erkenbrand, and those Armored Destriers aren't enough to defend everything you need to, Behind Strong Walls and Feint can pick up the slack. Use Sterner than Steel and Erkenbrand's ability to cancel the worst shadows that would waylay them, and keep in mind that Déorwine's ability actually works as a response.

This deck is effective at defending enemies and killing them, and is also resilient to shadow effects in addition. It adds up to a sleek and tough combat deck that will handle the enemies no matter who they end up engaged with, keeping the less combat-oriented decks safe in the process. You may have noticed that it doesn't use Steward of Gondor despite being able to benefit from it. This is to allow some other player at the table to use it and lessens the potential for uniqueness conflicts. The deck gets by fine as is with a little help from Wealth of Gondor.