Eomer gets Steward

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Mr. Underhill 2016

This is a straightforward Éomer deck that tries to make his ability reliable through - yup, you guessed it - Steward of Gondor. This is not a hugely thematic pairing, so I'm hoping we might get another resource acceleration option in the next cycle that works well with Éomer!

Power up Éomer by giving him Firefoot, Gúthwinë and Dúnedain Mark so that he can hit for 7-10 into the staging area. If he kills an enemy he can also hit something engaged with you by trampling it using Firefoot. Such a cool card.

Fastred is your defender and he can be made more reliable with Arwen Undómiel and Dúnedain Warning. The Weather Hills Watchman (or rather, WHIFFman) can fish out Signal attachments for Fastred and Eomer.

Card draw comes from Ancient Mathom, Sneak Attack + Gandalf and Valiant Sacrifice. You can also recur Elfhelm and Grimbold using Guthwine's response for some pseudo-draw.

Although the deck can take a few turns to get rolling, I think it's a decent build and I find Éomer enjoyable once he is tooled up and crushing the staging area. I played it for Elrond's Orders this week against The Hunt for Gollum Nightmare. The deck worked well despite a tricky start!



Jun 09, 2018 OKTarg 53

Have you considered something like Late Adventurer for a post-staging Eomer swipe?

Jun 09, 2018 curiousboss 63

very nice deck ! I’ve played a lot with a dunhere deck, but this is a truly nice variation. And as always I liked the video.

Jun 11, 2018 Mr. Underhill 2016

@curiousboss Thanks, glad to hear it! I think Dunhere is probably better overall, though Eomer can have his moments.

@OKTarg Yes that would be a fun one, but it's really tough to find room for an event like that. We need a way to get Eomer riding a Hobbit Pony.