5 wins vs attempts - Progressive Play #7

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matrosh 128

I decided to do little experiment and try how many attempts I will need to win 5 times with deck, also using progressive play, so only the cards, which were available at that time, when scenario was out. This is #7: The Hills of Emyn Muil.

The Hills of Emyn Muil is quite easy quest focused on locations and since my collection is slowly getting bigger, I decided to built a prototype of Rohan deck.

Choice of heroes and attachments:

Éowyn was logical choice as main quester due her strong and very nice abilty. One copy of Song of Kings and Protector of Lórien are for her. Dúnhere usually stayed behind to deal with enemies in staging area if needed. All Dúnedain Marks are for him to boost his attack. He also gets Song of Kings and Song of Wisdom and Steward of Gondor. This way Éowyn and Dúnhere equaly supports and resource pool, and Dúnhere also support with Beravor. Beravor as main defender (which was not usually needed) gets Protector of Lórien and Unexpected Courage so she can do two actions usually questing and defending, or questing and trigger her ability. Nor am I a Stranger was originally also for her, but since it's not restricted to heroes, at the end I decided to use it more on Northern Tracker, where it was more useful. Self Preservation are for questing heros, so Éowyn and Beravor, cause there is quite a lot of nasty treacheries and some healing is always good.

Choice of allies:

So the main target was to have rohan characters, able to deal with locations and be helpful any possible way. The obvious choices were Escort from Edoras, Snowbourn Scout, The Riddermark's Finest, Gléowine and Éomund as backup up. Northern Tracker with Nor am I a Stranger and also Lórien Guide if you got stuck in problematic locations. Rivendell Minstrel for delivering the songs and Daughter of the Nimrodel to heal heroes if needed.


I had a lot of fun this time, beside classics like Sneak Attack supporting Gandalf, I mostly used very nice combo of Stand and Fight, Snowbourn Scout and Ride to Ruin, where I get rid of locations very quick way. Usually put Snowbourn Scout in play (1 progress t.), immediately discard him with Ride to Ruin (3 progress t.) and then bring him back with Stand and Fight (1 progress t.) or other way around. you can actually do this also with Éomund to ready all rohan characters, but its little bit more expensive. I was also wondering if its possible to create combo from Strength of Will and The Riddermark's Finest, but I didn't try it, if you have any opinions, leave it in comments, would be good to know. Mustering the Rohirrim helped to bring rohan allies on the table and Secret Paths provided small help when the staging area was full.

I won 5 games in 5 attempts and enjoyed this very much.