Twins, Hobbits and Side Quests

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Benedikt 186

Since the earliest time's I tried to play the Noldor-Twins in a working deck. Like others before I saw his ally-twin as one opportunity to get them together. The key in this Deck is Thurindir and Gather Information.


1. Elrohir

Elrohir is the main-defender. He will be equipped with all copies of Dúnedain Warning and at least one Armored Destrier, which is a good way to discard shadow cards from more dangerous enemies. The Cloak of Lórien is another non-restricted attachment, which boosts Elrohirs defense. At best he defends with 7-. Over and above he gets a Steed of the North so he quests with 2- and defends afterwards. When he rides the Steed, I like to gain some resources with the Captain's Wisdom in the resource phase and ready him, when enemies come up.

2. Thurindir

Like I said Thurindir is the key to let this deck work. If Elladan is not in the starting hand oder in the mulligan hand I search the deck for Gather Information, which allows to pick Elladan from my deck. The next side quests come with The Road Goes Ever On. If I have Elladan in the starting hand but no side quest, I'd like to use Gather Information to search for the next side quest. All in all Thurindirs main job is to quest. There he benefits from his ability to raise his willpower with every side quest in the victory display. He gets Wingfoot, which in 9 from 10 cases calls for enemies. At the later game he gets the second copy of the Steed of the North.

3. Pippin

Pippin's main job is to quest. His advantages are his low threat-level and his solid willpower of 2-. His carddraw ability is another good supplement in this line-up. In multiplayer it’s possible to replace him with Folco Boffin.


The carddraw works with the Master of the Forge, Daeron's Runes, Prepare for Battle, Pippin and Gandalf.


The sideboard contains quest specific cards like Bulwark of the West, when there are lots of condition attachments in a quest.


Aug 06, 2018 DieterVanHertz 14

Hello. Captain's Wisdom at the end of battle phase? Is a Resource Action. You can not use outside the Resource Phase. Nice Deck

Aug 06, 2018 Benedikt 186

@DieterVanHertz thx! I've edited now.