Siege of Annúminas -- Two-player

eldub 260


Deck 1 Description

Boromir and his deadbeat dad learn to get along with the help of a friendly elf (He is their neighbor).

This is a retread of @Seastan's classic Boromir deck, updated to include Grappling Hook and Lay of Nimrodel for hilarious pushes to boost the city's in the early game and to get over the top in the final go when you clear the Battering Ram.

Deck 1 Strategy / Tactics

Mulligan for Steward of Gondor, stack resources on Boromir, draw a bunch of cheap cards with Erestor, and single-handedly own the combat phase. Also, when you're set up (usually by round 2), you can funnel resources over to Elrond. That's it, move along.

Deck piloted / modified by @johnleo

Deck 2 Description

Pretty standard goodstuff hero lineup as a support deck. A bit of healing for insurance in the form of Warden of Healing and Lembas, but the ally package is all Ent-based in order to soak up Archery and contribute massive amounts of raw to the quest. The short-term tempo hit you take having them enter play exhausted is so negligible, as they literally just turn into pincushions (thanks to the silliness of Wellinghall Preserver) so as to allow the other deck to do its thing once Boromir is full-on Voltron mode. I'm a big fan of running both Asfaloth and Steed of Imladris when one deck has 3x Elven-light and the other is rocking Erestor. The 1x Vilya is a total flex card and gravy if you draw it, but it just makes sense to have one in there.


Deck 2 Strategy / Tactics

Pretty straightforward...Elven-light makes the world go round, as you can dump one to get enough resources for a first-turn Treebeard or even a couple Wandering Ents to fuel the deck-thinning engine of Entmoot. Standard and stuff otherwise...Try to get a Light of Valinor ASAP and hoard your A Test of Will for the right moment. Should be pretty smooth sailing if you don't get super unlucky.

Thoughts on the Quest

I've played this quest before with more players, and it's pretty dang hard. But it certainly becomes much easier with lower player counts -- even if it doesn't lose its re-play value because each go-round feels very tense at certain points. Boromir decks really just make everything so much easier; he really trivializes the entire combat phase. Just hope you don't land an ill timed Vanguard of Carn Dûm, as these decks aren't running shadow cancellation -- partly for the fun factor and partly because the shadow effects are almost all mitigated by a single Blood of Númenor on Boromir and card draw.