Grima's Secrecy

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Marcelf 376

Thanks to Woodmen's Clearing now we can manage threat in mono Lore without Aragorn :D

The idea of this deck is to play Resourceful in secrecy on turn 1, even with grima's doomed resource. And to play it later thanks to Bartering.

The first copy of Bartering lets you play Sword-thain for free when you have Scroll of Isildur in play. The other copies let you play Resourceful for free.

So here we have a deck that can :

I didn't try it yet, but i think it may have potential. I will update when i test it.

Update : can't beat Intruders in Chetwood :( Setup is too long i can't quest enough and i can't handle combat. I must try it against another quest but I am a bit disapointed by the deck.