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Saga Deck 11.1: The Road to Isengard 0 0 0 12.0
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Saga Deck 13.1: The Journey to the Crossroads 2 0 0 14.0
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RedSpiderr 126

RedSpiderr has a newer deck inspired by this one: Saga Deck 13.1: The Journey to the Crossroads

I used this deck for the twelfth quest of my Saga Campaign. I am going to try and keep it as thematic as possible, stemming from the 'What If?' of 'What if Gandalf didn't escape from Orthanc in The Fellowship of the Ring?' Please note, I don't own all the cards, so am not able to make the most powerful thematic deck theoretically possible, but constrained by what I have, here is my best attempt.

The Ring has escaped the clutches of Saruman, and Frodo has crossed over to the East Bank of the Anduin with his faithful servant Sam. Escorting then is the Captain of Gondor Faramir, son of Denethor, who has resolved to guide them at least to the borders of his own land, or as far as he is able. And so the three companions have made their way into the hills of Emyn Muil, trying to find a way through the labyrinth of gorges and valleys to the Land of Shadow beyond. But already forces beyond their power are moving against them. Sauron has sent his Nazgul once again to find the Ring, who are desperate to redeem themselves after their defeat at Bruinen. Denethor himself has dispatched his finest rangers to escort Faramir to Minas Tirith having somehow gained knowledge of their path and purpose. And something stalks them through the hills, something with its own designs on the Ring, their Precious.

This deck serves to boost the various Gondor elements present in both decks. Steward of Gondor and Wealth of Gondor serve to accelerate their resource growth, while Envoy of Pelargir ensures that whomever bears Visionary Leadership will always be able to provide that universal boost. In Service of the Steward is for the hobbits, to boost their willpower with the aforementioned Visionary Leadership, as well as make them eligible for For Gondor! and Envoy of Pelargir. Gondorian Shield and Spear of the Citadel should improve the defensive capabilities of the decks, while Dagger of Westernesse will aid their counterattacks. Halfling Determination can be used whenever the need is greatest, particularly when facing Gollum, and the Honour Guard and Defender of Rammas should ensure that nothing will land their attacks on the players.

This deck represents Faramir guiding Frodo and Sam on the eastern shore of the Anduin as they begin making their way through Emyn Muil. Mablung and the Gondorian soldiers are part of the group led by Beregond sent to escort them to Minas Tirith, and the Gondor attachments and events tie in with their efforts to do so. Will the Gondorians carry out their orders or will they see the wisdom in keeping the One Ring from the hands of the mighty?

The play-through using this deck can be found here: