Dale Support Group 2/2

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Lost in Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2019-01-17
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Drawing for Dales (take 2)
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Denison 328

Here is a companion deck to a two-handed Dale-centered fellowship.

The previous iteration of this deck (Cirdan was removed) was simply too fragile counting on one of the Redwater Sentry for protection. Beregond fixes that problem in a hurry. Still trying to boost the Dale allies with Narya, but this time with Gandalf. There is enough card draw here to get to that combo safely by mid-game.

The Dale deck needs card draw, so Beravor and Gildor Inglorion provide them with three extra cards each turn. These two heroes continue that strategy until the Dale deck gets set up.

Heed the Dream and Gather Information are there to help locate key cards like King of Dale and Gandalf/Narya. Deep Knowledge can be used freely. The goal of these decks is to outpace the encounter deck so threat is not a primary concern. Elrond's Counsel and Woodmen's Clearing help mitigate that threat.

The zero-cost attachments, Song of Hope, Spare Hood and Cloak, Expert Treasure-hunter, Cram and DĂșnedain Remedy, can be used to help Brand son of Bain get a sizable discount from King of Dale.