Double Travel

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JYoder 201

Woodmen's Path + Asfaloth + Thror's Map = Double Travel

During the Travel Phase, after traveling to location with Woodmen's Path, have Asfaloth explore it. (Haldan draws a card.) Now using Thror's Map, travel to another location.

It's fun to pull off, and this deck can also deal with locations via Mirkwood Explorer + Leather Boots. Use Elf-stone for beefier allies. Lots of flexibility with allies, cards, and even heroes, but would keep Haldan.


Mar 14, 2019 Marcelf 358

Great idea! Is the deck built for solo play? If you want to double travel you need at least two locations in the staging area, maybe in solo cards like Dunedain Pathfinder would be helpful?

The way you use Asfaloth, do you think it would be worth it on another silvan or noldor hero?

Mar 14, 2019 JYoder 201

Good questions. I usually play 2 decks, making more than 1 location in staging more likely, which I should have specified, so I never had Henamarth in my deck, but threw him in when publishing without thinking -- my bad as that's misleading. So I view it as a support deck. And yes, a different silvan or noldor hero is very viable.

The idea came from trying to make Ravenhill Scout worthwhile, by having lots of other cards place progress onto staging (Northern Tracker, Rhovanion Outrider, Asfaloth, etc) and he could move 1 progress onto the first active location. But I had to concede that Asfaloth made it far easier to pull off, so Ravenhill Scout is still on my shelf... poor guy.

Mar 14, 2019 Alonewolf87 100

The Hidden Way could also be an useful card.

Also note that the action window in the Travel Phase is after the normal Travel window so you cannot use Thror's Map before the normal travel

Mar 14, 2019 JYoder 201

Good call on the order, Alonewolf87 -- I've edited the entry by removing my incorrect sentence.