Erestor and the cursed Dwarfs

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Cursed Dwarfs 7 5 3 1.0
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openMfly 229

This is a new version of my classic dwarf-swarm. This time with my darling Erestor

And it works well. Steward of Gondor is important... mulligan for it. Legacy of Númenor and We Are Not Idle are the next best starting cards.

Try to play 2 - 3 cheap dwarfes in round one. Use A Very Good Tale to double your dwarfes.

Dwarven Sellsword is a sheap chump blocker in midd- and endgame. In round one, he is a needfull ally for the tale and the five dwarf limit.

A Very Good Tale, Erebor Guard and Ered Nimrais Prospector helps to discard cards from deck for Ered Luin Miner.

Narvi's Belt and Steward of Gondor for Dáin Ironfoot.

Swarm out your dwarfes. Use Legacy of Númenor without concerns. Nori will fix your thread.

Use your dwarfes as chump blockers. Will of the West will bring em back soon.