Spirit of the Wolf Deck 3 : Wisdom of the Pack

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Spirit of the Wolf
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Allison of Brand 64


This is a 4-decks serie that follows 3 rules :

  • Rule n°1 : only and cards are used to make the 4 decks.
  • Rule n°2 : no more than 3 copies of a card for THE ENTIRE 4-DECKS SERIE. So no 4 x 3 A Test of Will, even if it's sexy on paper.
  • Rule n°3 : I'm a casual player and i don't play with errata, i don't care, i play for fun !

A great thanks to The Purple Wizard for his Green Anaconda decks that inspired me !

This is the deck 3 which focuses on questing. You are the will of the pack. You plan every single step of the destruction of your enemy. You keep up the troops against adversity and you help to prepare you and your brothers in arm for the long battle.

It's a basic Caldara deck, so your goal is to swarm the board to heavily quest. I remind you that i don't care about errata, so there is Fortune or Fate to resurrect her so Caldara can bring a lot of efficient allies from the discard pile. There is one Noldor hero in each of the 4 decks, so Arwen Undómiel can give a ressource to whoever is in need. If you are lucky enough, Thalion can become a hero, so with Sword-thain you can have a total of FIVE heroes ! With Prince Imrahil, Caldara can bring FIVE allies from the discard pile and Pelargir Shipwright can quest for FIVE !!! It's unlikely to happen but you have to know that this possibility exists.

Desperate Alliance has 2 purposes :

  • to give one of your hero with the greatest number of ressources to one of your companion who needs to play a lot of cards or to play an expensive card (like Gandalf). Everyone plays so it's useful for anyone.
  • to give Dáin Ironfoot to one of your companion that is engaged with a monstrous enemy.

Your ressource engines are Arwen Undómiel, Hidden Cache and Magic Ring and your draw engine is Elven-light.


Mar 29, 2019 Alonewolf87 492

Actually Desperate Alliance could be useful to put in another deck so they can pass to this deck one hero for when you discard Caldara to get even more allies out from her ability.

Mar 29, 2019 Allison of Brand 64

@Alonewolf87 Thanks for this good suggestion ! But i still think that Desperate Alliance is useful in this deck because :

  • the purpose of this deck is to help the other decks by providing ressources and i manage to have a lot of ressources to give with Desperate Alliance
  • I rarely have to bring up more than 3 allies with Caldara, and Prince Imrahil and/or Sword-thain are more than enough to achieve that. This archetype is so powerful that i don't hesitate to "Caldara" even if there is only 2 heroes left after her sacrifice and even if i don't have Fortune or Fate in hand (the Caldara decks post nerf proove that this archetype is still viable)

Mar 30, 2019 Alonewolf87 492

Well my idea was not at the exclusion of putting Desperate Alliance also in this deck, if you have copies (or proxies) you could use that card in some of the other decks of the fellowship.

It was more about having a chance to get a turn 1 or 2 Caldara discard for 3 allies at a great discount of resources.

Mar 30, 2019 Allison of Brand 64

Oh i see, but unfortunately i fixed a rule : no more than 3 copies of a card for the entire Fellowship. I tested quickly Desperate Alliance in another deck and, due to the tempo, i didn't feel a real difference, even if it's cool to bring 4 allies from the start but it doesn't happen quite often...