Barter to Sword-thain Robin

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Journey Along the Anduin - Nightmare - 1 Player - 2019-04-15
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Marcelf 376

Marcelf has a newer deck inspired by this one: Barter to Sword-thain Robin

This is an updated version of this secrecy mono Lore deck ( with Drinking Song, Gaffer Gamgee and The Shirefolk.

I added Love of Tales and it is great with Drinking Song! I try to play Drinking Song once per turn to make resources, and it's easy with Scroll of Isildur that reccur Drinking Song or Mithrandir's Advice depending on the situation.

Before the tests, I thought that the deck couldn't work because you need to play Sword-Thain on Robin if you want to be able to keep playing The Shirefolk. But I found that you drew so much that you could play all 3 The Shirefolk before Sword-thain is in play, or you could draw Robin Smallburrow, or you could keep the second copy of Bartering to put it on Robin Smallburrow. So it is not an issue

I beat 3 times Escape from Umbar in a row.

It has not the power of Seastan's Hobbit combo deck, even if it is the same heroes, but I found it so funny to play!


May 09, 2019 Alonewolf87 109

Now that The Fate of Wilderland is almost out maybe Loyal Hound could be a new useful addiction.

May 09, 2019 Marcelf 376

I agree! In the latest version f the deck I will probably swap out the Wellinghall Preserver with the Loyal Hounds. In my latest games I didn't even play the Ents. Also, I am curious to see the ability of the future Faramir ally.