Barliman and Robin

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Win - The Drowned Ruins - 1 Player - 2020-08-29
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Barter to Sword-thain Robin 7 2 0 4.0
Inspiration for
Barliman and Robin 14 11 0 6.0
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Marcelf 1353

Marcelf has a newer deck inspired by this one: Barliman and Robin

Changes since V4

-3 Loyal Hounds (they are good, but I found their ability to be a bit situational. I was always playing them in late game, and they were decisive only once in journey to the cross-roads)

-1 Warden of Healing

+1 Gildor Inglorion

+1 Barliman Butterbur

+2 Mirkwood Explorer

How the deck works

This is an updated version of this secrecy mono Lore deck ( with Drinking Song, Gaffer Gamgee and The Shirefolk.

The deck relies on a lot of draw (Bilbo Baggins,Deep Knowledge, Mithrandir's Advice, Peace, and Thought) to quickly get the cards that will boost resources (Resourceful, the combo Scroll of Isildur/Bartering/Sword-thain, and Love of Tales).

Love of Tales is great with Drinking Song. It is the resource acceleration that was lacking in mono lore! I try to play Drinking Song once per turn to make resources, and it's easy with Scroll of Isildur that recur Drinking Song.

With the free scrolls thanks to Sword-thain, I added Erebor Hammersmith to recur even more lore events.

Before the tests, I thought that the deck couldn't work because you need to play Sword-Thain on Robin if you want to be able to keep playing The Shirefolk. But I found that you drew so much that you could play all 3 The Shirefolk before Sword-thain is in play, or you could draw Robin Smallburrow, or you could keep the second copy of Bartering to put it on Robin Smallburrow. So it is not an issue.

In my latest games I tend to recur Risk Some Light more often and it's great because you can pretty much control the encounter deck. In late game the deck is no more in Secrecy but you make so many resources that it's not an issue to pay 3 resources for Risk Some Light.

Try this deck if you want a fun and effective mono lore deck! Bilbo can be effective in true solo now :D


Escape from Dol Guldur : 0 - 2

Journey along anduin nightmare : 1 - 0

Fords of Isen : 1 - 0

Intruders in chetwood 2 - 0

The Weather Hills : 1 - 0

Deadmen's dike : 1 - 0

Wastes of Eriador : 1 - 0

Across the Ettenmoors : 1 - 0

Battle of Carn Dum : 1 - 1

The Dread Realm : 1 - 0

Escape from Umbar 3 - 0

Desert Crossing 2 - 0

Race Across Harad : 1 - 2

Fate of Wilderland : 1 - 0

Massing at Osgiliath : 1 - 0

Battle of Laketown : 1 - 0

Stone of Erech : 1 - 0

Old Forest : 1 - 0

Siege of Annuminas : 1 - 0

Shadow of the Past Nightmare : 1 - 0

A Knife in the Dark Nightmare : 1 - 3

Flight to the Ford : 1 - 0

The Ring Goes South : 1 - 0

Journey in the Dark : 1 - 0

Breaking of The Fellowship : 1 - 0

Passage of The Marshes : 1 - 0

Journey to the Cross-Roads : 1 - 1


Jul 18, 2019 Darkling Door 6175

The deck name is so clever!

Jul 18, 2019 Mr. Underhill 4018

Nice results record, I will try it!

Jul 18, 2019 Marcelf 1353

Thank you @Authrawand @Mr. Underhill! Ideas to polish the deck are very much welcome :D

Jul 19, 2019 The Broken Meeple 60

Is the general idea of the deck that because you can spam allies out so fast while keeping your threat nice and low with Shirefolk + increased engagement cost with Pippin, that you simply power through the scenario via willpower, using any scry abilities to delay any enemies?

Was curious as the ATK/DEF values don't seem to be too high here for dealing with boss enemies.

Jul 19, 2019 Marcelf 1353

Thanks for your comment @The Broken Meeple. I find the deck to be surprinsingly quick to setup, so turn 3 it could be ready for a fight. Gaffer is the main defender, so I don't need so much . Of course I didn't play the Siege scenarios yet^^ Against immune enemies I tend to sacrifice small allies like Erebor Hammersmith. Late game I can defend with Gandalf too. And of course foreseeing shadows with Risk Some Light is very handy here. The deck doesn't really lack with Ithilien Lookout, Quickbeam, Folco, Gandalf, etc. There were Loyal Hound in the previous version of the deck, but I found their was not decisive at all. So i prefer to boost and add a bit of location control with Mirkwood Explorer, but I guess the last allies to add to the deck are a personal choice!