eowyn galadriel glorfindel

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askelad 561

purpose is to assemble the combo golden shield+Herugrim+unexpected courage on eowyn to turn it into a powerhouse.

magic ring is an extra courage, rally the west and necklace of Girion give her extra .

galadriel, handmaiden and elrond's counsel help maintain secrecy through the early game for resourceful and setup.

open the armory helps with getting to the right attachments faster.

warrior theme on the allies for rainment of war and warrior sword.


Apr 25, 2019 Shikifuyin 10

Missing Light of Valinor for Glorfindel, maybe even Asfaloth using Nenya splash ... try with 3 Nenya and maybe include some draw from sphere (Daeron's Runes mostly)

You may also need 3x Mirror of Galadriel since you have lots of 1-of cards ...

Maybe replace Legolas with Yazan ?

Miruvor is not needed ...

Consider also replacing Galadriel and her tool set with Arwen Undómiel and Elven-light for more consistent drawing without splashing for ...

Stand and Fight is bad and should be removed unless you go full revive and make a Caldara deck ...

Not sure Will of the West and Dwarven Tomb are needed ...

More attachment friendly allies would be Jubayr, Boromir, Elfhelm, Eagles of the Misty Mountains (can go with eagle allies), Treebeard ... Too bad no to go for Dale allies like Knight of Dale, Guardian of Esgaroth, Wiglaf, etc ...