Riding far afield

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This is a thematic deck built for an ongoing series on my blog, Darkling Door.

Theme: Trusty Steeds

Played Against: Nightmare Celebrimbor's Secret

"They were tamers of beasts and had learned the mastery of horses, and many were skilled and fearless riders. These would often ride far afield as scouts and keep watch on movements of their enemies; and if the Orcs dared to assemble in the open for some great raid, they would gather great force of horsed archers to surround them and destroy them."

Of Dwarves and Men, The Peoples of Middle Earth


This is a solo Mount deck designed to make maximum use of Elfhelm's bonuses.

Mulligan for: Steed of the North or Rohan Warhorse for Aragorn


  • If possible, get a steed on Aragorn first. That will let you get Enemies out of the Staging Area to take some of the pressure off.
  • Both Rohan Warhorse and Steed of the North work great on Aragorn to let him use his ability as a sort of pseudo-Feint against a second Enemy, as long as you can kill it in one hit.
  • In the early game, your primary defense will be Feint or chump blocking with Snowbourn Scout, Ranger of Cardolan, and Westfold Horse-breeder.
  • Elfhelm ideally wants an Armored Destrier to help him defend multiple Enemies, but don't be afraid to put any other Mount on him first to turn him into a viable defender early.
  • Éowyn wants Windfola most of all, but Snowmane also goes well on her, allowing her to contribute an extra 1 during the combat phase (which is useful more often than you might think).
  • Steed of the Mark can go on any Hero, depending on whatever you need at the moment you draw it.

As far as Nightmare-capable solo decks go, this one is a little on the weaker side; it could use a little more card draw to ensure it doesn't sputter out in the late game. Even so, it's fun to play and get it working, and would probably be fairly competitive in many non-Nightmare quests. It could also make an excellent companion to a deck in multiplayer.

► For more analysis, check out my blog post on this deck.